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Handpainted “Work of Art” tutorial :)

Hi Everyone! Thanks for visiting 🙂  I thought I would do a tutorial on the hand-painted mini “painting” I made for my “Work of Art” cake. I made this cake for my father-in-law’s birthday- his name happens to be “Art” (Arthur). I had quite the chuckle at my own “cleverness” in coming up with the message on the cake. I also laugh at my own jokes- a lot…

1. I gathered all of my materials and placed them on this handy-dandy smooth and shiny round thingy.

Tutorial 1

Depicted here are some Wilton gel colors, a few Americolor brand gel colors, paint brushes, and a dried piece of gumpaste that I prepared a few days earlier.






2. I then took out the print that I used for inspiration. I believe this is from the “After Monet” collection and is based on Monet’s work. I just love the colors in this print:)











3. I began the scary work of trying to paint something that didn’t look like angry, random blobs. This was my first painting so I wasn’t sure if it would be disastrous, fabulous, or somewhere in the middle. My money was on “disastrous” but I was willing to give it a try anyway!

Tutorial 2

I painted the colors straight on the gumpaste canvas and did not dilute them with anything.






4. Considering that I can’t even draw stick figures (anyone who knows me can attest to that) I was pretty pleased with the result!

Tutorial 3
















5. Now for the frame! I took pieces of gumpaste, and used a silicone impression mat to get the look I wanted. I also added some gumpaste leaves and let it dry. I did not take a picture of the silicone impression mat but you can use any mat with a design you like, or make a plain frame without a mat 🙂

Tutorial 4







6. I then painted it with gold edible paint, and affixed it to the wooden easel that my awesome husband Brian made for me <3.

IMG_4507I didn’t want to make this topper look very feminine so I decided to go with a “hard-wood” look. I glued the easel on the “hard-wood” floor and let it dry. I wrote the message the next day and then placed it on top of the cake!





7. Here it is! I had a great time making this cake. It’s funny (and slightly nerdy) how anything cake-related gets my adrenaline going!




Happy Caking!