FAQ, Information and Policies

Welcome to the FAQ, Information and Policies page! This is a compiled a list of questions and answers that you may find helpful in deciding whether or not my products will suit your needs. Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this.

Q. Why are your cakes so much more expensive than grocery/retail store cakes?

A. Grocery/retail store cakes are mass-produced, previously frozen, box-mix cakes. They can be wonderful for certain occasions or if this is your preference. However, my cakes are all made from scratch. I know exactly what is in them and I do not skimp on ingredients or use cheap products as it impacts the final product. My decorations are also handmade from scratch (aside from inedible parts) and include the icing, figurines, flowers, etc. This is quite time and labor intensive. I liken it to going to a tailor for a custom-made wedding dress, or purchasing one off of the rack. Both are good options but the tailor-made one is specifically designed for you, customized to your measurements and takes the tailor hours and hours to complete. The price of the tailor-made dress will reflect this.  Similarly, I look at each cake I make as a potential work of art, made especially for you, with you in mind. You will also find that my prices are comparable to other baker/decorators that only use top ingredients and who have a comparable skill level.

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Q:Cake is made up of flour, butter, eggs, sugar, vanilla etc- Those ingredients are not that expensive! If the ingredients are not that expensive then why do your custom cakes start at $100 for an 8″ round cake?
A: You’re not paying only for ingredients- my custom cakes require much, much more than just “ingredients”. For an 8″ round cake, the flour, butter, eggs, vanilla, etc will cost about $35 for strictly the ingredients for a vanilla bean cake(including buttercream icing). This does not include the box and cake board ($5.00), electricity, water,tools, or my time. In order to create your cake, it takes hours and hours and hours of my time. Certain elements take multiple days and sometimes weeks to create- my custom cakes that are highly detailed take in excess of 100 hours of work. The absolute minimum amount of hours I spend on a cake is 7 hours (for a buttercream rosette cake, including baking, cooling, making icing, decorating, cleaning up and sanitizing before and after, washing and sanitizing dishes before and after and cleaning/sanitizing equipment before and after). For a simply decorated custom cake that is priced at $100 (-$35 for ingredients, – $5.00 for box and board, -$10 for electricity, water, piping bags, etc= $50) the remaining balance is $50. If I spend the absolute minimum amount of time (7 hours) on the cake I am making $7.14 per hour. Again, this is the absolute minimum amount I spend on a cake. Most of my cakes take much, much longer. I really value your cake order and devote 100% of my time and energy to the work of art in progress.


Q: I can get a cake from another baker that is much cheaper than what you charge- why should I come to you?
A: Yes, it is absolutely true that you can and will find others that charge much less than I do. Another baker may be a better choice for you if you are looking for a more economical cake. While I would love to create your masterpiece, I understand that not everyone is willing or able to pay for my custom edible artwork, and that is okay. There are many variables to consider when deciding whether or not one of my cakes is appropriate for your occasion including:
1) Are you looking for something unique and breath-taking for your occasion?
2) Are you willing to invest in something that will not only taste amazing, but be so lovely you won’t want to cut it?
3) Are you willing to invest in cakes made with only the finest ingredients, made from scratch and fresh to order rather than from a box or mass-produced?
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4) Do you want a work of edible art created by someone with an exceptional eye for detail and an advanced skill set?
If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, then one of my custom masterpieces may be appropriate for your occasion.

You can be sure that each and every one of my cakes is created with extreme attention to detail and care.





If you are looking for something amazing and delicious but not quite as expensive as a highly detailed custom cake, I offer a beautiful selection of cupcakes that start at $2.75 for a simple rosette cupcake and small details can be added at additional cost. I also offer smaller rosette and decorated cakes that start at $25 for a 4″ round cake.

Please visit me on Facebook for more information or for inquiries:)
If you are just looking for something sweet that will feed many people and be as economical as possible, then my cakes and cupcakes may not be suitable for your occasion- Unfortunately I cannot compete with grocery/retail store prices due to the quality and time I put into my art 🙂

Q. Why do you require so much notice for more complicated cakes?
A. Some of the more complicated cakes require decoration (such as flowers, figurines, etc) that must be created in steps, take time to dry, and need to be hand-painted when fully dry. These individual steps cannot be rushed, or the decoration may crack, or look sloppy. I will however, definitely try to accommodate any request 🙂

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Q. How do I know what size of cake to order?

A. Please see the “Serving Size Charts” heading on our main menu- this page contains diagrams of different cake shapes/sizes and the number of people that can be served per size 🙂

Q. Do you make cakes for all occasions/themes?

A. For the most part, yes. However, I do not make sexually suggestive/explicit themed cakes.

Q. What methods  of payment do you accept?
A. Paypal, etransfer, Cash

Q. Do you require a deposit?
A. A non-refundable deposit  is required (50%) for all custom-cakes, wedding cakes, and any cake $75 and up. This is to secure your “spot” in the “cake-making” schedule. All cakes/cupcakes must be paid in full no later than 1 week prior to your date. Work on any cake will not begin until deposit is received:)

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